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An assistant is expected to have deep knowledge of the domain. Additionally a virtual assistant should be able to understand user input and produce meaningful output. We can make that happen. Talk to us to understand how you can give your business the chatbot boost.

You can Email us or Whatsapp us on +91 9581000016.

How Kenyt Assistants Work!

Understand domain specifications

Our virtual assistants are trained to understand and converse for variety of areas. For a brand new area we train our systems to acquire the expertise using advanced AI.

Know what users care about

We do the work to understand what kind of questions a user can ask related to a domain and ensure that we have best suited answer for that.

Extract meaningful knowledge from data

We use bigdata analytics to produce useful knowledge which our virtual assistants talk more intelligently.

Intelligent human interface.

We use messaging and speech interfaces which brings only relevant information in front of the user. User stays focussed on the task and not trying to understand the interface.

Getting smarter everyday

We look at each and every message we receive and ensure our systems understand those properly. As it is a machine learned system, it is constantly getting better at this.

Customize for your business needs

We build a generic assistant and interface it with your pipeline to make it personalized for your needs.

We are Hiring

Let's build a great product together. If solving hard problems give you a kick, then reach out to us at Here are current openings

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